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iPhone Repair

Your iPhone Won’t Turn On?

Several issues may cause your iPhone not to power on.

We recommend running comprehensive diagnostics first so we can identify what the issue might be.

Most cases we receive are either;

  • Physical Damage
  • Hardware malfunction
  • IOS Failure
  • Liquid Damage

Cracked Screens & LCD Damage?

We understand accidents happen all the time.Dropping your iPhone is probable and when it happens you need a reliable shop for a solution.

Two main components that break when you drop your iPhone are the front glass or the LCD.

The front glass protects the screen while the LCD displays controls.

We can replace your screen within a few hours and have your iPhone up and running.

Battery Faulty/Acting Up Or Naughty?

Over time, iPhone batteries tend to exhaust naturally depending on how long you’ve had the gadget.This is apparent under heavy use.

iPhone battery replacement is a brief and distinct fix.We have the maximal batteries available at our store.

Earpiece/MouthPiece/Speaker Not Working?

Sound issues are mostly hardware related but in rare cases software malfunction may cause this.Update issues or flawed application might cause your speaker not to work.Upon diagnostics,we advice on the way forward.Hardware issues are easily fixable and can be don on the same day you bring your gadget.

iPhone Lagging/Tortoiselike/Sluggish?

Most common cases that make your iPhone to lag are;

  • Almost full storage
  • Apps running in the background
  • Old IOS

We are ready to speed up your iPhone.

Liquid Damage?

If your iPhone comes into contact with any liquid, the first step is to shut it down immediately and take it to a technician as quickly as possible. This makes it easier for the tech to fix it.if it takes longer however corrosion of some components may occur leaving us with minimal repair options.We run a complete diagnostics on the extent of the damage  so we can get your iPhone up and running.

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