MacBook Repairs

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MacBook Repairs

Here at Skypro we believe if you need your MacBook Pro for work, home or school you shouldn’t get stuck handling a slow Mac or a broken screen or a battery that’s acting up, bring it to us for a speedy and modest repair.Our skilled technicians can get your Mac up and running within a few hours. We can speed up your MacBook Pro by either upgrading your drive to a solid state drive(SSD) or a RAM upgrade and also advice on data handling and back up plan.Do you need to upgrade your OS? We can do it for you at a fair price and also advice on what version of the OS best suits your mac.

Screen Replacement

Frequent drops and other accidents are usually the cause of a screen glass damage.But don’t worry we can easily fix this issue, it’s a no sweat for us.We have screens for your model readily available at our store and we’ll fix it within a few hours.

Liquid Damage

Did you accidentally spill coffee or tea or soda on your Mac? It happens, we understand no need to worry, skip the rice and bring the  Mac as soon as possible.Avoid connecting the power adapter since it will cause a short circuit on the logic board lowering the chances of a possible repair.

Other MacBook Pro Repairs Offered

  • Battery Replacements
  • Disc Drive Repairs
  • Malware or Adware Removal
  • DC Board Replacement
  • Keyboard & Top Case Replacement
  • Track Pad Servicing & Replacement
  • GPU Reballing and Servicing